Author visits

I love presenting at schools, libraries, and bookstores. Author visits are a great way to stay engaged with readers and pre-readers in grades PK-3. My daughter is the first person to hear my stories, but she can’t stay little forever (much as I’d like her to).

During a visit, I typically read one published book and share one book in progress. Most children (and adults) only see books when they’re done, so it can be eye-opening to hear rough drafts, see initial sketches, and learn about how a book progresses from idea to finished product. Seeing earlier stages of creation helps children to appreciate that they can create too — books, or anything else.

I like to finish presentations with a song based on a children’s book — mine or somebody else’s. I play ukulele, banjo, or (if you have one) piano. And then I like to sign books, which I can bring myself unless you already have them.

Books are hard to see from a distance, so I like to bring a laptop computer and plug it into your projector.

That’s what I do by default. If you have other ideas for what you’d like to accomplish in a visit, let me know! I also like to present at conferences on writing, publishing, and the subjects of my books (e.g., women’s suffrage and animal welfare).

My fees can depend on the number of presentations, number of schools, and how far your school is from my home in Austin, Texas. To start a conversation, fill out my Contact form.

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