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If You Give a Deer a Carrot

Last spring, my daughter asked if she could feed the deer in our front yard.

I told her no. Absolutely not. Even though it might be really, really fun.

“Why?” she asked. “What could happen if I did?”

This book is my answer.

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About the author

Paul Pineapple is the author of six books for children. He plays ridiculous songs on the piano (pretty well), banjo (badly), and ukulele (don’t ask).

Paul grew up in a town he called “Oak Pork,” Illinois, but the winters were too cold. Today he lives today in Austin, Texas, where the summers are too hot. How’s the weather at your school? He would love to visit.

Portrait by Kate Mangostar.

Highlights from my blog, starring my daughter CJ


A few months ago, I introduced CJ to checkers. I beat her, badly. I couldn’t help it. The rules say you have to jump whenever you can.“Do you want to play again?” I asked. “Okay,” she said. “But this time

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The Sad Potty Book

Do you know this book? My mother sent it to me maybe 10 years ago. “Why is mom sending me a potty training book?” I thought when I saw the cover. “I don’t even have children.” Then I opened it

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How Not To Juggle

Pushing CJ in the grocery cart, I picked up three clementine oranges and started to juggle them. I can’t really juggle, but CJ likes it when I try. She especially likes it when I drop them. The third time I

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